This is Worldcoin. The project driven by the creator of Chat GPT.

Last Monday, the launch of Worldcoin took place, an ambitious project that combines cryptocurrency and digital identification, led by Sam Altman, the leader of OpenAI. After years of development, this project aims to verify users’ identity through eye scanning, which could solve one of the most urgent challenges posed by recent advances in artificial intelligence. These advances have made it difficult to distinguish between actions performed by humans or algorithms.

Indeed, once a user has verified their identity through eye scanning, they can use the Worldcoin cryptocurrency. This cryptocurrency integrates with an application that enables users to make payments, purchases, and transfers using Worldcoin, as well as other relevant digital assets within the project. This combination of digital identification and cryptocurrency offers a new approach to addressing the challenges posed by artificial intelligence and provides users with a secure and convenient way to interact with digital assets and conduct transactions in the digital world.

“As with any truly ambitious project, it may work, and it may not, but trying things like this is how progress happens.”

How does it work?

Worldcoin maintains that iris scanning is a highly reliable method to verify the authenticity of a person and ensure that they are a human being, not an artificial intelligence. They have developed a metallic device called “orb” to manage this biometric verification process. After using the orb, you will receive a “World ID,” which will allow you to prove your identity as a real and unique individual on the Internet.

Since April, the orb has been distributed in various locations worldwide, and users can find the nearest one and book an appointment to undergo verification using the World App or by accessing

Once a person has passed the verification with the orb and it has been confirmed that they are indeed a human being, they will receive a global identification that can be used as a global digital passport to log in to websites, mobile apps, and web3 decentralized applications.

The purpose behind this orb is to enable people to access online services without the need to share personal data such as names or emails on every site they visit. In this way, privacy and security of users are protected by providing them with a safer and more reliable way to interact in the digital world.

Worldcoin and Privacy

The collection and handling of biometric data by Worldcoin have been subject to criticism by privacy experts and activists.

An investigation conducted by MIT Technology Review revealed deceptive marketing practices, excessive collection of personal data, and the lack of proper informed consent during project testing in developing countries.

Additionally, the existence of iris scans of Chinese users on the black market to access Worldcoin’s beta network has been highlighted, underscoring the importance of adequately protecting biometric data.

To address these concerns, Worldcoin claims that once their systems are optimized, users’ biometric data will be anonymized and erased. However, a deadline for completing this process has not been established yet. The company assures that only a message with a numerical representation of the iris code will be transmitted to validate the uniqueness of each user, aiming to protect individuals’ privacy.

Despite controversies and criticism, Worldcoin has attracted the interest of investors and renowned technology companies in Silicon Valley, who see this cryptocurrency as a potential solution for Sybil attacks, where a hacker creates multiple fake identities to take control of an online network.


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